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Terraform Objects Will Become People

Datavail Presentation

Terraform by HashiCorp is changing the way we build our infrastructure.

This presentation will lead you through understanding, installing, and using Terraform to be able to build your IaC (Infrastructure as Code) and have an inhabitable area for your code to live freely and interact with available resources.

About the Presenter

Brandon Webb is a Senior Cloud Architect for Datavail’s Cloud Database practice with eight years’ experience in IT. Brandon takes initiative in cloud migrations and cloud best practices and focuses on coding infrastructure and automating processes. He is multi-cloud rounded and desires to implement the best solution for the project at hand.

Prior to his current role, Brandon managed a U.S.-based team of Oracle database administrators in supporting a multi-client architecture defined by KPIs and SLAs for Datavail. He is an AWS Certified Developer, an Oracle Database Certified Professional, and the President of Utah Oracle Users Group.

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