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Rational Enterprise: Elevating Database Administration with Datavail


In the ever-evolving landscape of data management, businesses face numerous challenges in ensuring the efficiency and reliability of their databases. Rational Enterprise, a leading computer software company, found itself grappling with these very challenges until they partnered with Datavail, a renowned provider of database services and solutions. In this case study, we will explore how Rational Enterprise leveraged Datavail’s expertise to improve their database administration quality. By utilizing database assessments and health checks, Rational Enterprise achieved remarkable results that transformed their operations. Let’s delve into their journey and the benefits they have reaped since engaging with Datavail.

The Challenges: Enhancing Database Administration Quality

For Rational Enterprise, maintaining a high standard of database administration was crucial to support their software applications and ensure optimal performance for their clients. However, like many organizations, they faced difficulties in meeting this objective. They recognized the need for expert guidance to overcome these challenges and elevate their database administration practices.

The Use Case: Database Assessments and Health Checks

Enter Datavail – a trusted partner specializing in comprehensive database services. Rational Enterprise engaged Datavail to conduct thorough assessments and health checks across their database infrastructure. This involved analyzing various aspects such as configuration settings, performance metrics, security measures, and overall system stability.

The use case proved instrumental in addressing the pain points identified by Rational Enterprise. Let’s explore the benefits that emerged from this collaboration:

Improved DBA Coverage

With Datavail’s assistance, Rational Enterprise experienced a significant improvement in DBA coverage. Previously burdened by daily tasks associated with managing the database environment, they were able to offload 90% of these responsibilities to Datavail’s team of experts. This allowed Rational Enterprise to redirect internal resources towards more strategic initiatives while ensuring round-the-clock monitoring and support for their databases.

Enhanced DBA Expertise

Datavail’s deep domain knowledge and extensive experience brought immense value to Rational Enterprise. By leveraging Datavail’s expertise, Rational Enterprise’s internal teams gained access to advanced database management techniques and best practices. This knowledge transfer elevated the skill set of their DBAs, enabling them to tackle complex challenges more effectively and ensure optimal database performance.

Greater Database Reliability

One of the most notable outcomes of Rational Enterprise’s partnership with Datavail was the significant improvement in database reliability. Through meticulous health checks and proactive monitoring, Datavail identified and resolved potential issues before they could impact operations. This resulted in enhanced system stability, reduced downtime, and improved overall performance for Rational Enterprise’s software applications.

“Datavail was able, in just 2 years, to replace 90% of my daily tasks and efforts managing the database. We achieved 100% monitoring goals and 80% action goals.”

At Rational Enterprise, the decision to collaborate with Datavail proved instrumental in overcoming their database administration challenges. By leveraging database assessments and health checks, they were able to enhance their DBA coverage, elevate internal expertise, and significantly improve database reliability. This partnership empowered Rational Enterprise to focus on core business objectives while ensuring a robust foundation for their software applications.

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