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Quantitative Data + Qualitative Insights = EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting

Datavail White Paper

Gone are the days of dry, uninspiring reports that struggle to hold your attention and make decision making tougher.

Embark on a journey where numbers come alive, and data tells compelling insights. Imagine a world where corporate reports aren’t just a collection of digits but rich narratives that captivate and educate.

This whitepaper offers a solution to the challenges faced by your organization, bridging the gap between data collection and meaningful analysis. Support a more holistic and strategic approach to decision-making within organizations with Oracle EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting.

Highlights –

  1. What is Narrative Reporting and why is it crucial?
  2. How Your Business Can Leverage EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting
    • Gain Direct Access to Original Data Sources
    • Safely Collaborate Throughout the Reporting Process
    • Create, Distribute, and Access Reports from Anywhere
    • Regulatory and XBRL-Based Reporting in Various Formats
  3. Features Of EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting
  4. Take Advantage of The Benefits of EPM Cloud Narrative Reporting with Datavail
    • Single Source of Truth
    • Rapid Time-To-Value and Reduced Cost of Ownership
    • Security, Reliability and Authorized Access
    • Accurate Data Intelligence
    • Faster Delivery and User Empowerment
    • Industry Experience
    • Automated Integrations
  5. Datavail’s partnership for your road to data storytelling excellence


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