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Preventing and Addressing DBA Burnout

Datavail Presentation

Late-night calls, struggles disconnecting on vacation, and dealing with a lack of resources are just a few issues that DBAs may encounter over their careers. These situations, among others, can quickly lead to stress and burnout. Learning how to identify, address, and prevent DBA burnout are important skills to learn as a DBA team leader, manager, or director.

In this webinar, Jeff Duncan, Director and Global Practice Leader of SQL Server Services, Datavail, goes over:

  • Signs of DBA burnout, including physical, emotional, and behavioral indicators.
  • Practical strategies and resources for preventing and addressing burnout.
  • Advice for creating a supportive work environment that promotes well-being and reduces stress.
  • How to promote work-life balance in your team through techniques for encouraging healthy boundaries and time management.

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About the Presenter

Jeff Duncan is a SQL Server Team Manager with 20+ years of experience. He is a resourceful IT leader with an extensive technical background in database operations, cloud migrations, report writing, database development and project management. Jeff also has a proven track record of successfully building, introducing, directing and managing complex IT initiatives. He’s responsible for a team of 14 DBAs that deliver complex custom solutions for Datavail’s customers.

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