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NGL Energy Partners: Enhancing Database Management with Datavail


In today’s dynamic business landscape, efficient database management is vital for organizations to thrive. One company that recognized this importance and found a solution to their challenges is NGL Energy Partners. In this case study, we will explore how NGL Energy Partners leveraged the expertise of Datavail Database Services to address their database administration needs, improve efficiency, and achieve remarkable results.

The Challenges Faced by NGL Energy Partners

Like many businesses, NGL Energy Partners encountered several challenges in their database management operations. They sought to overcome these obstacles by partnering with Datavail. Here are the specific challenges they aimed to address:

  1. Lower Costs: NGL Energy Partners wanted to optimize their database administration costs without compromising on quality or reliability.
  2. Improve Database Administration Quality: Ensuring the efficiency and effectiveness of their database administration processes was a top priority for NGL Energy Partners.
  3. Focus on Core Business Functions: By entrusting their database management tasks to an expert partner like Datavail, NGL Energy Partners aimed to redirect their focus towards core business activities rather than technology maintenance.
  4. Round-the-Clock Coverage: To enhance responsiveness and minimize downtime, NGL Energy Partners required 24×7 coverage of their databases, including weekends and holidays.
  5. Reduce Turnover and Burnout: Staff retention and preventing burnout were crucial concerns for NGL Energy Partners as they sought a sustainable solution for long-term success.
  6. Onsite Resource Optimization: With limited onsite resources, NGL Energy Partners aimed to reallocate or augment staff members effectively.

Leveraging the Power of Datavail Database Services

NGL Energy Partners turned to Datavail as the comprehensive solution to address their challenges head-on. They harnessed various services offered by Datavail in order to optimize their database management practices:

  1. Remote Database Management: NGL Energy Partners leveraged Datavail’s expertise in remote database management, enabling efficient monitoring, administration, and troubleshooting.
  2. Database Upgrades and Migrations: With Datavail’s support, NGL Energy Partners successfully executed smooth database upgrades and migrations, ensuring minimal disruption to their operations.
  3. Database Assessments and Health Checks: Regular assessments and health checks performed by Datavail helped identify potential issues proactively and optimize overall database performance.
  4. Performance Tuning: Through advanced performance tuning techniques, Datavail improved the efficiency of NGL Energy Partners’ databases, resulting in enhanced productivity and user satisfaction.
  5. Configuration of Always On Availability Groups: Datavail’s expertise in configuring Always On Availability Groups provided NGL Energy Partners with robust data redundancy and high availability.

The collaboration between NGL Energy Partners and Datavail was further fortified by a team of highly skilled professionals. Here is how the surveyed company rated the various personnel from Datavail:

  • Service Delivery Manager: Excellent
  • Dedicated US DBA: Excellent
  • Dedicated Tier 3 Offshore DBA: Excellent
  • Offshore DBAs (Operational Team): Excellent
  • Sales Executive: Excellent
  • Project Manager: Excellent

Achieving Remarkable Results with Datavail

Since partnering with Datavail, NGL Energy Partners has experienced a multitude of benefits that have positively impacted their operations. These remarkable results include:

  1. Lowered Database Administration Costs: By optimizing their database management processes with Datavail’s support, NGL Energy Partners achieved significant cost savings.
  2. Improved Database Administration Quality: The expertise provided by Datavail led to a substantial improvement in the quality and efficiency of NGL Energy Partners’ database administration practices.
  3. Enhanced Round-the-Clock Coverage: With 24×7 monitoring and on-call DBAs from Datavail, NGL Energy Partners ensured uninterrupted access to critical databases while receiving excellent communication and responsive customer service.
  4. Augmenting On-Site Staff: Datavail’s expertise and support allowed NGL Energy Partners to augment their on-site staff effectively, optimizing resource allocation and improving overall efficiency.

The impact of engaging with Datavail Database Services has been truly transformative for NGL Energy Partners:

  • Dramatically Improved DBA Coverage
  • Dramatically Improved DBA Expertise
  • Dramatically Improved Database Availability
  • Dramatically Improved Database Environment Quality
  • Dramatically Improved Database Reliability
  • Dramatically Improved Database Performance


“24/7 monitoring and on-call DBAs. Excellent communication, response times, and friendly customer service.”

“Datavail has been a key asset in the support of our Oracle EBS. They also are an integral part of our MS SQL Server support team.”

“Datavail fills the need for continuous coverage and database administration.”


NGL Energy Partners’ successful collaboration with Datavail showcases the power of strategic database management solutions. By addressing their challenges, leveraging advanced functionalities, and benefiting from the expertise of industry professionals, NGL Energy Partners achieved remarkable improvements in cost-efficiency, database administration quality, round-the-clock coverage, and overall performance.

If your organization is facing similar challenges or seeking to optimize database management operations, consider partnering with a trusted expert like Datavail.

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