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Migrating Oracle BI Applications & Analytics to the Cloud

Migrating Oracle BI Applications & Analytics to the Cloud

Cloud solutions continue to expand into the mainstream with obvious material value for businesses that have historically focused on on-premise solutions.

With all major concerns for security in the cloud addressed by bank-grade encryption, the question is now, how much of the on-premise software can be migrated to the cloud and how can it be done with best practices and the shortest amount of downtime while getting it right the first time through.

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Below is a preview of the webinar transcript. Some of the questions we ask when we have to ask ourselves as not only partners of Oracle, but also customers of Oracle, specific in the Oracle Analytics space, we only have to ask, "How much of the infrastructure do they want to maintain?" Do they want to maintain all of it, like they do on premise? Just part of it, or none of it? They just want a working solution where the analytics come together. You have the data visualizations and you have the ability to scale fairly smoothly. Well, when you ask those questions, you also have to ask several other questions such as, "Are we looking to have full blowing configuration, so something that matches the complete flexibility you have on premise or are you okay with some limitations in your configuration?" Fill out the form to the right to watch the webinar in its entirety. >>

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