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Look Ahead: Migrate from SSRS to Power BI

Datavail White Paper

Business intelligence (BI) programming has evolved into a foundational element of doing business in today’s fraught national and international markets. However, because the software innovations are emerging so quickly, many companies resist switching up from their current technology and continue to rely on their legacy business reporting programming to drive their mission-critical decisions.

However, that reluctance is unnecessary. Microsoft offers a smooth and affordable transition from its business reporting suite, SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS), to its business intelligence engine, Microsoft Power BI (Power BI). Power BI builds on Microsoft’s decades of data management capacities and incorporates fundamental best practices with today’s innovative, user-friendly features.

Datavail’s Microsoft-certified data management service offers comprehensive migration assistance that can help you move your organizational data into the Power BI cloud platform.

Download this white paper to learn more about:

  • Finding relevance in data – Reports provide essential information about what had happened in the past, and users can see from this data whether their inputs over time had been effective. In most cases, however, each individual report offered only a single perspective about the overarching project. Only by studying several related reports could users determine whether their collective inputs actually achieved their intended goal.
  • Data reporting vs. business intelligence – Today’s companies are overwhelmed with business software options that promise to provide them with the information they need to succeed. For some, reports generated by data reviews are key elements of corporate success. Others, however, may need a deeper, more meaningful analysis of their organizational information. Microsoft offers two options: its SQL Server Reporting Service and its newer Power BI.
  • The Distinctions Between SSRS and Power BI – Today’s challenge facing Microsoft clientele is choosing which of these two data-analysis programs is right for them.
  • Why Choose Power BI Over SSRS – Several reasons point to Power BI over SSRS.
  • Migrating from SSRS to Power BI – If you’ve determined that your organization is ready to move from SSRS to Power BI, the Datavail team is available to facilitate your migration.
    • We’ll start by determining where you’re running your current SSRS instances, and connect up your organization to Microsoft’s RDL (Report Definition Language) Migration
    • Once the RDL Migration tool has done its work, Datavail’s programmers will step in to walk your organization through the pre-migration stage:
      • Discovering the location of all SSRS instances within your enterprise.
      • Preparing your enterprise for the move by setting up the new Power BI environment and strategizing the security and publication of your RDL reports after the switch has been made.
      • We will manage the migration stage and test the system afterward to ensure it’s functioning correctly.
    • Datavail can also provide continual managed services of your data and analytics environment 24/7/365, and make any ongoing changes that are needed to the reporting, etc.

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