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Webinar: Is "Free" Good Enough for Your MySQL Environment

Datavail Webinar

MySQL can be the perfect answer for fast-growing, highly-performant and geographically-distributed database environments, but in order to function as a business-critical system with immediate response times, the ubiquitous database server needs a little help.

That’s where Continuent and Datavail come in. Combined, these two companies, which specialize in making MySQL and other databases perform continuously, have helped hundreds of enterprise, mid-market and start-up companies alike, including many in the data-dependent SaaS, e-commerce, financial services and gaming industries.

In addition, we’ll dive into why ‘managed’ database-as-a-service solutions, may not be quite as self-managing as people would like to believe. You’ll hear several case studies on how clients are effectively utilizing Continuent Tungsten software and Datavail services to optimize their MySQL environments.

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