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Instrumenting Database Performance with Splunk

A Cross-Platform Database Monitoring Framework

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Splunk your way to better performance

The first step to optimizing database performance is monitoring it, and you can do that with ease when you use Splunk. Find out how by downloading this whitepaper now.

Splunk is a cross-platform performance monitoring framework. When properly implemented, it can:

  • Pull and forward live performance data from multiple apps to a central index
  • Provide a web-based reporting, analysis and alerting tool
  • Recognize key metrics and enable ad-hoc data mining

You’ll see that and more when you download this whitepaper. Written by an expert DBA in Splunk, this paper will help you understand:

  • How Splunk’s forwarders work and why they can be a great solution for sensitive data
  • Why a Splunk application is different than traditional apps
  • What makes the Splunk search engine so powerful
  • Which Splunk tool simplifies debugging for you

Splunk won’t cost you anything, and neither will this white paper. So, why wait? Download your copy right now.

Download The White Paper Here

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