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Haynes International


In the fast-paced world of database administration, organizations face numerous challenges that demand efficient and reliable solutions. This case study explores how Haynes International, a leading company in the Metals & Mining industry, overcame these challenges by partnering with Datavail. Through their collaboration, Haynes International was able to elevate the quality of their database administration, ensure round-the-clock coverage, and focus on their core business activities. Join us as we delve into the details of this successful partnership.

Addressing Key Challenges

When Haynes International sought out a database services provider, they had several critical challenges they needed to address:

  1. Improving Database Administration Quality: Haynes International recognized the need for enhanced expertise and efficiency in managing their databases. They aimed to optimize performance and minimize downtime through improved administration practices.
  2. Providing Comprehensive Coverage: With a global presence and operations that run around the clock, Haynes International required 24×7 support for their databases. This included weekends and holidays to ensure uninterrupted service.
  3. Optimizing Resources: To maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness, Haynes International aimed to reallocate or augment their existing resources while maintaining high-quality database management.

Leveraging Datavail Database Services

To meet these challenges head-on, Haynes International turned to Datavail. They harnessed the key features and functionalities provided by Datavail in the following ways:

  1. Remote Database Management: Datavail’s team of expert DBAs remotely managed Haynes International’s databases, ensuring seamless operation and prompt issue resolution regardless of geographic location.
  2. Database Upgrades and Migrations: Leveraging Datavail’s expertise, Haynes International successfully executed smooth upgrades and migrations without disruptions or data loss.
  3. Performance Tuning: By leveraging best practices and advanced techniques, Datavail optimized the performance of Haynes International’s databases, leading to improved responsiveness and overall system efficiency.

Results: Elevated Database Administration

Partnering with Datavail yielded exceptional results for Haynes International. The benefits they achieved since engaging with Datavail include:

  1. Improved Database Administration Quality: With the support of Datavail’s experienced team, Haynes International witnessed a significant improvement in the quality of their database administration. Issues were promptly identified and resolved, ensuring optimal performance.
  2. Focused Business Operations: By entrusting their database management to Datavail, Haynes International could redirect their attention and resources towards core business activities. This strategic shift allowed them to maximize productivity and drive innovation.
  3. Round-the-Clock Coverage: Datavail’s commitment to providing 24×7 support ensured that Haynes International had uninterrupted database services, even during weekends and holidays. This reliability contributed to enhanced operational efficiency.
  4. Elevated Expertise: The expertise brought by Datavail’s DBAs greatly augmented the capabilities of Haynes International’s internal team. Through collaborative efforts, they achieved a higher level of knowledge and proficiency in database management.
  5. Improved Database Environment: With the assistance of Datavail, Haynes International experienced a marked improvement in the overall quality of their database environment. Reliability, availability, and performance were significantly enhanced, leading to smoother operations.


“Uptime is critical and Datavail helps to ensure that. It is hard to quantify just being able to perform business transactions around the globe without interruption; it may be priceless.”

Conclusion: Empowering Success through Partnership

By leveraging the expertise and round-the-clock support provided by Datavail, Haynes International achieved elevated levels of performance, reliability, and efficiency within their database environment.

If your organization faces similar challenges or seeks to optimize its database administration, consider partnering with a trusted provider like Datavail. Unlock the potential of your databases and focus on what truly matters – driving your business forward.

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