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Getting the Most out of a MySQL to Azure Database for MySQL Migration

Datavail White Paper

Today’s roiling digital marketplace demands that the C-suite adapt to new processes or risk losing valuable market share.

Many leaders are considering migrating some or all of their technologies to the cloud, even though they’re unsure of the processes needed to get there.

Microsoft has solved part of this dilemma through Azure Database for MySQL, which addresses executives’ migration, processing, computing, and security concerns. Moving from on-premises MySQL databases to Azure Database for MySQL is the first step in a brave new world of adaptation.

In this paper we’ll walk you through getting the most out of a MySQL to Azure Database migration, this paper will cover:

  • Why you should consider Microsoft Azure for a MySQL database migration
  • Migration options for Azure Database for MySQL
  • Cost of a MySQL on-premises to Azure Database for MySQL migration
  • Considerations for your cloud migration from MySQL on-premises to Microsoft Azure

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