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DBA Superpowers Unleashed

How Managed Services Empower Your Team

DBA Superpowers Unleashed

The database administrator (DBA) job description has historically involved time-consuming tasks such as installation, configuration, and troubleshooting.

The arduous on-call nature of the role restricts the capacity of the DBA and, for many companies, has led to high turnover. With the advent of managed services, companies that take advantage of 24×7 support for their DBAs are liberating their DBAs from traditional roles, so they have more time to engage in constructive business tasks that take advantage of their most valuable skills – their superpowers.

In this white paper, we examine how managed services have become a powerful resource for overworked DBAs, allowing them to focus on a variety of superpower tasks such as data safeguarding, carrying out data analysis, making recommendations, and offering professional advice to clients. We also discuss how organizations that enlist the help of 24×7 database managed services companies like Datavail can go about transitioning their DBAs from their existing role to a strategic “post-managed services” DBA role.

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