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Webinar: Changing Dynamics Along the Cloud Maturity Model

Datavail Webinar
The move to the Cloud is filled with exuberance and challenges as your organization progresses along the Cloud Maturity Model.

The wave of digital transformation brings disruptive changes to organizations, but it’s also an opportunity to evaluate processes and incorporate efficiency. True transformation succeeds when people themselves transform and adapt to change. This session will reveal what one of the largest fast-food icons had to consider when they started their journey and their ensuing cloud maturation. Every role in the organization, from technologists to leaders, were required to embrace change for them to become “value creators.” What does your organization need to consider as it progresses along this maturity model? Has your organization considered the roles required as you go from data center transformation to application stabilization, to supporting hybrid deployments before you modernize your applications?

Come join Pramod Alluri, Global Cloud Transformation Leader, for this insightful session as he guides you through the stages of transformation and provides key insights that your organization needs to contemplate across the Cloud Maturity Model, each step along the way!

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the Cloud Maturity Model and Adoption Framework
  • Discover use cases for the Cloud Maturity Model
  • Explore available cloud deployment options


Watch the Webinar Here

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