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Armed Forces Benefit Association Leverages Datavail's Database Services


The Armed Forces Benefit Association (AFBA) sought a solution that would not only lower costs but also improve their overall database administration quality. Enter Datavail – a trusted partner offering comprehensive remote database management services.

The Challenges Faced by AFBA

AFBA, like many organizations, had specific goals they wanted to achieve through their partnership with Datavail. These included:

Lowering Costs

AFBA recognized the need to optimize their budget while maintaining high-quality database administration services. They needed a cost-effective solution that would allow them to allocate resources strategically.

Improving Database Administration Quality

Data integrity is crucial for any organization, and AFBA was no exception. They needed a partner who could not only manage their databases effectively but also implement industry best practices to enhance overall administration quality.

Providing Comprehensive Coverage

To ensure uninterrupted operations, AFBA required 24×7 coverage for their databases, including weekends and holidays. This level of availability was essential given the critical nature of their work.

Redeploying and Augmenting Resources

By partnering with Datavail, AFBA aimed to redeploy existing on-staff resources more efficiently while also leveraging additional expertise as needed. This approach would enable them to maximize efficiency without compromising on skill sets.

Leveraging Datavail: How AFBA Benefits

AFBA partnered with Datavail to address these challenges head-on. Through a range of services provided by Datavail’s team of expert database administrators (DBAs), AFBA has achieved remarkable benefits:

Remote Database Management

Datavail provides remote monitoring and management services for AFBA’s databases. This includes proactive monitoring, issue resolution, and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance and data integrity.

Database Upgrades and Migrations

When it comes to database upgrades or migrations, AFBA can rely on Datavail’s expertise. The experienced DBAs handle the entire process, from planning and executing the upgrade/migration to testing and post-migration support.

Database Assessments and Health Checks

To maintain a healthy database environment, regular assessments and health checks are essential. Datavail conducts thorough evaluations of AFBA’s databases, identifying areas for improvement and implementing the necessary changes to enhance overall performance.

Performance Tuning

Optimizing database performance is a critical aspect of efficient operations. Datavail’s DBAs work closely with AFBA to identify bottlenecks, fine-tune configurations, and implement optimizations that result in faster query response times and improved user experience.

The Results: AFBA’s Success Story

Since engaging with Datavail, AFBA has witnessed a significant transformation across their database administration landscape. The benefits have been nothing short of remarkable:

Improved DBA Coverage

By partnering with Datavail, AFBA gained access to a team of dedicated DBAs available round-the-clock. This level of coverage ensures that any issues are promptly addressed, minimizing downtime and maximizing productivity.

Enhanced DBA Expertise

Datavail’s team of highly skilled DBAs brings a wealth of experience to the table. Their expertise has proven invaluable in troubleshooting complex issues, implementing best practices, and ensuring AFBA’s databases operate at peak efficiency.

Dramatically Improved Database Availability

AFBA no longer needs to worry about database availability during weekends or holidays. With Datavail’s 24×7 coverage, they can rest assured that their databases are continuously monitored and managed by experts.

Greatly Improved Database Environment Quality

Through regular assessments conducted by Datavail’s team, AFBA has seen a significant improvement in their database environment quality. Proactive identification of potential issues allows for swift remediation, resulting in a more stable and reliable database ecosystem.

Dramatically Improved Database Reliability

With Datavail’s proactive monitoring and maintenance, AFBA has experienced a significant increase in database reliability. The risk of unexpected downtime or data corruption has been greatly minimized, ensuring uninterrupted operations.

Dramatically Improved Database Performance

Optimized database performance is critical for AFBA’s day-to-day operations. Through performance tuning provided by Datavail’s DBAs, AFBA has seen a dramatic improvement in query response times, resulting in faster data retrieval and improved user satisfaction.

“The staff augmentation has been terrific. We are getting a 24×7 staff without hiring full/part-time employees.”

In conclusion, armed with Datavail’s comprehensive remote database management services, AFBA successfully overcame their challenges while reaping numerous benefits. From lowered costs and improved administration quality to enhanced coverage and expertise, their partnership with Datavail has propelled their database environment to new heights. If you’re seeking a trusted partner to optimize your organization’s database management, consider leveraging the expertise of Datavail – your key to unlocking efficient and reliable operations.

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