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Kscope Accelatis: Stanley Black and Decker Presentation Video Part 1: Hyperion Health Checks

View the joint Kscope 2017 presentation with Accelatis – recently acquired by Datavail – and Stanley Black and Decker. Stanley Black and Decker uses software from Accelatis to manage performance for HFM, Essbase, and Hyperion Planning.


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Speaker 1: Okay, so I'm going to talk through real life examples of how we've used Accelatis, how it's helped us. Right now we have it monitoring our EPM servers as well as our services. So we have it monitoring the servers, the stability of the applications as well as the actual applications themselves. We also have triggers set up to notify us if there's issues going on, if we're getting close to a potential issue. So, it's really helpful especially during our close cycle. We use the different features that Accelatis offers such as KPI data, health check data and user activity data. We can create performance graphs based off of the data we've collected and then we can do ad hoc analysis off of that. Run reports, create dashboards. Going deeper into each of the different services that we use of Accelatis. This one focuses on the health checks feature. We're running them every 10 minutes, which seems like a lot but we need that. So we run them every 10 minutes just to make sure everything's up and running, everything's going smoothly. We can also, at any time, do an ad hoc run if we hear of a potential issue. We can just click generate and it will go through all the different features. We use the different options in the health check such as is the database available? Does a file exist? Does file share existence? Pinging. Checking that the process is running or a service is running such as Calc Manager, EAS. URL prob such as logging into Smartview. Can you get into workspace, shared services? User simulation. So, actually logging into Smartview and doing a refresh. Pulling an FR report. So those we have kind of set up specific to our application to do the checks that we want to do. Port check. And then we've added a few custom health checks such as URL probes for all of our load balanced URLs. And then cross server URL probes. I don't think ours are overly complicated. I think we use a lot of the out of the box features with Accelatis. Speaker 2: So, the installation is very simple and the configuration is pretty much GUI based. And once you have the set up complete, setting up the configurations to alerts of the health checks is all GUI based. There is an admin console so you can just drag and drop and pick or choose. Speaker 1: Yeah. And you can make changes at any time based on how your application is changing, if your user activity is changing.

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