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5 Companies That Solved Common Challenges with Azure Cloud

Datavail White Paper
Companies across the globe are scrambling to take advantage of the benefits of the cloud and that includes making difficult decisions about which cloud vendor has the most to offer. Each organization large or small experiences a unique set of requirements and challenges which may benefit from a different cloud provider.

For many companies, the ultimate choice is Microsoft Azure. You may have already invested in this leading cloud platform, or perhaps you’re still thinking about it. Either way, you’re on the right path. But you may have discovered that while the decision to move to Azure is easy, the work of standing it up is far more nuanced.

In this white paper, you’ll learn why Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform of choice for so many organizations. You’ll also learn why, as a flexible, scalable cloud service, it also comes with many roadblocks that are difficult to anticipate. Then you’ll receive five examples of Datavail clients who faced these roadblocks and how Datavail helped solve them so they could take full advantage of the benefits of Azure Cloud.

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