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Proactive Database Management for Open Dental Software

Your Open Dental software is the key to successful multi-practice management and a consistent and positive customer experience. Access to professionals with deep expertise in database management enables your software to deliver consistent business value and ROI.

Open Dental Knowledge & Experience Matters

Don’t put your systems in the hands of just anyone; trust the team that has the background, experience, and credentials.

We are ISO 27001:2013 certified with a DBA team that carries decades of experience in MySQL, and are an Oracle Partner.
Proven experience building cloud analytics solutions for enterprise dental chains improving analytical insights and decisions for valuable insights.
Hundreds of satisfied database, application management, and analytics clients from SMB to Fortune 100.
Average of 25% savings delivered to our customers from infrastructure cost reductions and efficiency increases.
Solved major availability, scalability, and latency issues for several U.S. based dental organizations using Open Dental Software, enabling them to deliver consistent practice support and customer service.

Dental Practices Face Market Threats and Growth Opportunities

As we ease into the next decade, the dental industry faces some turbulence, but much more opportunity. Advances in technology will prove to be a game changer for successful dental chains as they navigate the demands of patients, employees, and partners.

  • In 2020, Forrester reported that only 24% of U.S. adults trust that companies are “putting their health and well-being first when making business decisions.”
  • HIPAA and data privacy remain a primary concern for many dental practices with violations running anywhere from $150 – $50,000 per violation.
  • The Medical Futurist projects that cutting-edge technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), augmented reality (AR), tele dentistry, and virtual reality will shape the future of dentistry.

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Building & Scaling Starts with the Details

The key to managing these challenges lies in organizational growth, and growth is only possible when your infrastructure and Open Dental software are scalable, application performance is predictable and consistent, and you have access to analytical insights that enable you to plan for the future.

Building this foundation is a lot to ask of an IT team that may already be taxed. There’s a lot that goes into maintaining systems and creating an infrastructure that can support future technological investments. You want to keep your internal IT team focused on ROI and innovation for your practices – not managing the nuts and bolts.

We’ll Take the Reins on the Operational Stuff to Keep Your Systems Running

  • Upgrades and patches
  • Performance tuning and maintenance
  • Galera clustering for high availability
  • 24×7 monitoring
  • Automation
  • Data warehousing
  • Data integration, ETL, and ELT
  • Reporting & analytics
  • Implementation of best practices and modern tools

Meet Your Dental Objectives & Beyond with Datavail

When the pressure is on and the risks build, you need a partner who understands the dental industry from the ground up. We understand what a vital role data plays in your business; we will help you leverage it to meet and exceed the demands of your patients, partners, and communities.

Complete the form on this page to set up a meeting with a Dental expert at Datavail and we’ll send you a Mini Sono Wireless speaker* ($100 value) for your time. Our experienced team can help you achieve reliable software performance, ensure customer satisfaction, and quicken the pace of business through proactive database management and modernization.

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