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What is Your Optimal Digital Workplace?

Author: Mo Anwar | | October 9, 2018

The benefit of evolving your digital workplace is that it provides and performs the functions needed specifically by your enterprise. Machine learning, artificial intelligence and cloud computing all combine within the “digital workplace” framework to reduce corporate waste, improve productivity and capture ever-growing sectors of the global marketplace.

What Is a Digital Workplace?

Firstly, your digital workplace is what you need it to be.

The “digital” aspect refers to today’s technologies and how they have transformed the way we do our work. Machine learning and artificial intelligence opportunities have automated many business systems and functions, which are now embedded into larger, more complex computing programs. The cloud combines all the middleware, applications, data and content services into a single location to expand access and usage of company information by all of its workers.

The “workplace” aspect of it means integrating and depositing all of your corporate data and functions into a single cloud location or hybrid multi-locations, which is then available for all your employees seamlessly to use as they go about their business day. While they remain comfortably at their desk or the comfortable couch at home, they are actually working within a digital structure that provides them with all the necessary information they need to do their jobs. From your corner office to wherever you are at that moment, you can now canvass the activities of your entire organization for relevant data and insights before making the decisions that are critical to its success.

Why Seek a Digital Transformation?

The short answer is because your competitors are already moving in that direction and your business will need to do the same to remain competitive. Furthermore, for many companies, digital tools to detect and ensure risk management and compliance with rules and regulations far outpace traditional practices. Organizations concerned with reducing their risk profile will find that digital tools enhance those capacities as well.

On a more nuts-and-bolts basis, the digital workplace can ignite elements of your existing enterprise that you may not know exist:

  • Access to advanced technical tools can enhance the work of your employees, making their jobs easier to do with equally enhanced outputs. AI and Machine learning can provide a level of automation for mundane day-to-day work that the company can depend on and free up employees’ time to focus on more critical thinking tasks.
  • Those technical tools also enhance the overall capacity of your organization. Big data — all that disparate information you’ve been collecting over the years — is now integrated into a single “data lake” from which all your sectors can draw. The digital workplace facilitates your opportunity to pursue corporate goals based on your company’s realities, not your suppositions.
  • And data isn’t the only company asset that benefits from integration. The digital workplace is a singular entity where workers can come together in a digital format and actively collaborate on projects in real time. Teams won’t waste time waiting for inputs because those who have that information are sitting at the digital table with them. The digital meeting room eliminates the need for expensive travel and accommodations because everyone can join from wherever they are.

Leadership Leads

As a leader, you gain the most benefit from the digital workplace. In addition to improved collaborations, reduced expenses and heightened compliance capacities, all relevant corporate factors are visible to you and your team at all times, so you can make the best decisions based on current and relevant data at all times, too. When culling information drawn from all facets of the company, leaders can better coordinate between assets, inputs and outputs, for better strategic design and planning, and improved corporate functioning overall. And they can do this anytime, anywhere, and on any device.

Digital Workplaces Offer Unmatched Business Values

Technology now gives you the power to transform your organization into the entity you’ve always envisioned:

  • Collaborative, so all your assets work together;
  • Connected, so that all your assets move forward with the same values and expectations, and
  • Orchestrated, so that each separate department operates in sync with every other department to drive productivity and improve outcomes.

A digital workplace supports innovation, improves organization agility and gives your organization a way to compete more effectively. If you’re looking for ways to grow your business, we’ve perfected the art of corporate digital transformation. Ask us how to get started.

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