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Top 5 Reasons to Move MySQL to AWS EC2

Author: Charleste King | | August 22, 2017

Many IT organizations are taking their infrastructure into the cloud. They’re not just moving applications over. Everything from their databases to their hardware also becomes cloud-based. While you may not want to migrate to that degree, your organization can benefit by moving your MySQL databases to AWS EC2. Here are five reasons why this is a good decision for your company, even when you account for the complications associated with migrating live on-premises MySQL databases.

1. Scalable Capacity
You don’t have to jump through hoops to scale your capacity up and down. With an on-premises solution, you’d have to dig up another server or figure out what you’re doing with all the leftovers you no longer need. With AWS EC2, you can automatically increase or decrease your database infrastructure. It only takes a few minutes, rather than a few weeks.

2. Pay as You Go
Upfront costs are one of the biggest pain points with on-premises databases, especially since you must purchase based on your usage spikes and not your average. AWS EC2 moves you away from this pricing model and into one where you only pay for your actual usage.

3. Full Instance Control
You don’t have to worry about having limited control over your MySQL instances. You can do everything from remote reboots to retaining boot partition data so that you can optimize performance based on your preferred methods.

4. Flexible Configuration
You have the flexibility to set up your MySQL instances based on whatever configuration you want. For example, you can mix and match instance types, software and operating systems to get exactly what you need at any given moment.

5. Resizable Compute Capacity in the Cloud
AWS EC2 works as a compute capacity in the cloud model, which streamlines many of the challenges you would otherwise face when migrating your infrastructure. The service also offers native MySQL support, so you don’t have to worry about putting any workarounds in place to get it working.

A move to the cloud gives you many benefits for your MySQL databases. While migrating your existing on-premises databases can be a complicated process, going with a proven solution like AWS EC2 eliminates many of the roadblocks that could stand in your way. If you want to leverage AWS EC2 and need help migrating, read our white paper “Database Migration Services for AWS MySQL.”

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