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db2_numericI frequently get e-mail from folks asking about ways to accomplish things in DB2 and SQL. A recent question I got went something like this:

Is there any option to check whether data “IS NUMERIC” in a DB2 table?

We want to examine CHAR data but return only those where the entire data consists only of numbers. For example, can we write a query like this?

The VAR variable is defined as a CHAR(5) column and it will contain data like below.


Out of the above 5 records we would want only the 3rd and 4th records to be returned. We tried CAST (VAR as integer), but any other option is there for fetching like above. Please explain

Well, if you try to cast non-numeric data to numeric you will get an error. But you can test the data beforehand – digit by digit – using the SUBSTR function. You’d have to break the VAR column down using SUBSTR to get each individual character and test whether that character is between 0 and 9 – then only if all characters are between 0 and 9 would the result be returned.

Here is what the SQL might look like:

This will return only those rows where every digit in the VAR column is a number between zero and nine. Of course, there are alternate queries that can also work, such as:

Or even:

Choose one that works the best for you and away you go!

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