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Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Author: Dilip Kumar | 4 min read | November 8, 2016

If you are an open-source developer, there’s some exciting news waiting for you. The world’s no. 1 open-source database, MySQL, can now be used on Oracle Cloud. With this shift, you will be able to experience more secure, cost-effective, enterprise-level database applications using MySQL.

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service is built on MySQL Enterprise Edition, powered by Oracle Cloud. With this automated and enterprise-ready cloud service, you can build scalable MySQL-based applications efficiently, at a lower cost.

Benefits of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service empowers MySQL developers with an advanced set of features and a comprehensive set of tools, with round-the-clock technical support available. Below are some of the immense benefits it offers:

  • Support of Oracle management tools such as MySQL Query Analyzer, MySQL Enterprise Backup, MySQL Workbench, and MySQL Enterprise Monitor. It also integrates with Oracle Enterprise Manager, which would allow users to reduce the administrative effort.
  • Enterprise-level security features, such as MySQL Enterprise Encryption, MySQL Enterprise Authentication, MySQL Enterprise Firewall, MySQL Enterprise Transparent Data Encryption, and network access control.
  • Pre-integration with Oracle Cloud services such as Oracle Cloud Platform Application Development, enabling developers to set up a cloud development environment quickly. This includes services such as Oracle Java Cloud Service and Oracle Application Container Cloud Service. Oracle MySQL Cloud Service integrates with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, giving users the ability to back up their data in Oracle Storage Cloud.
  • Ability to scale the applications on Oracle Cloud. Supported by automated scaling, the users can scale up or down the computer and storage resources, as well as MySQL replicas.
  • Quick and easy migration of existing applications to the new cloud environment.
  • Extensive technical support provided by the experts in MySQL and engineers in order to solve complex client problems. In addition, Oracle Premier Support is available to customers to solve MySQL and cloud infrastructure-related issues.

What do you get?

Oracle MySQL Cloud Service provides tools that you can use with your cloud-based MySQL application, including:

  • Create a pre-configured MySQL database which is already optimized for performance and automated for lifecycle management.
  • Create routine online backups of your working databases, supported by MySQL Enterprise Backup.
  • MySQL Query Analyzer and MySQL Enterprise Monitor can monitor the databases continuously and highlight potential problems, before they become actual bottlenecks in production. These could also provide recommendations to rectify the identified issues.
  • MySQL Workbench could create data models and provide SQL query development support and visual tools to support database developers.

How secure is it?

Backed by the default security features of Oracle Public Cloud, Oracle MySQL Cloud Service utilizes the security features of MySQL Enterprise Edition. Therefore it’s supported by multiple layers of security, as follows:

  • MySQL Enterprise Firewall provides real-time protection against database-related attacks.
  • Network Access Control restricts and manages connection to MySQL databases in the cloud.
  • MySQL Enterprise Authentication provides ready-to-use authentication modules, which can quickly be integrated with the current security infrastructure.
  • MySQL Enterprise Encryption provides asymmetric encryption features with enterprise standards.

You can refer to this comprehensive eBook to know more about what’s in the store with Oracle MySQL Cloud Service. To learn more about how Oracle MySQL Cloud Service can benefit you and how you can master it quickly, you can also join this Oracle webinar on October 5, 2016 that covers the features and benefits of Oracle MySQL Cloud Service.

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