Art of BI: Oracle 11g RDBMS Password Expiration Default – Possible Impact on OBI 11g

By | In 11g, Art of BI | March 07th, 2011

The Oracle 11g db seems to default to expiring a user’s password within a fairly short window.  Recently I was testing an old OBI 11g VM I had put together and when the Weblogic services didn’t start up properly the investigation and troubleshooting phase began.  Since the Weblogic and OBI 11g components rely on the two schemas for MDS and BIPlatform if a connection cannot be made to these schemas for any reason unexpected results will occur for your OBI 11g implementation. Ultimately the resolve was to update the user account with an unlimited password lifetime grant similar to the PL/SQL code below.  This code below simply sets the default profile with which a user/schema may be associated.


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3 thoughts on “Art of BI: Oracle 11g RDBMS Password Expiration Default – Possible Impact on OBI 11g”
  1. That's gonna be a interesting one for us to watch out for. Our security policy (quite rightly, IMO) forbids non-expiring passwords.
    In a way I suppose it's just the same as repositories that we already have for OBIA (Informatica, DAC). But a nasty one if it screws up the services starting.

    1. rnm1978,

      I think this is just something we’ll have to warn the infrastructure teams and DBAs about. It is not the end of the world but it could cause disruption if the password expiration was set by an organization’s security policy to be something like a once a quarter expiration. I’ll post another blog entry on how to update the MDS and BIPlatform schema password in OBI 11g in the next week or so. That will show the quick front-end way to fix this issue from an OBI Administrator point of view if and when the issue ever arises.