OMS File System Capacity Warning Script

By | In Cloud Computing, Oracle | March 03rd, 2016

Sometimes you can have multiple databases sharing file systems on a server in your enterprise. Alone all the databases may not have enough auto extend datafiles to show you will exceed capacity of the file system. But if you took all the auto extend datafiles in all the databases, you will find, you have some over allocated file systems, and if they all extend to their max size, you will fill up the file system.

The script below will take advantage of your OMS to query the underlying tables to show you all file systems that are above threshold and have auto extend datafiles that can exceed the capacity of the filesystem.

This query takes 2 bind variables:

oms_group_name -> and OMS group name

pct-thershold -> the pct full a files system hast to be equal or above to be reported on


If you try out the script, let us know how it works for you. We’d love to hear from you.

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