How To Change Oracle SmartView Download Location

By | In Blog, Business Intelligence, Oracle | February 01st, 2015

As mentioned in our previous post about, clicking Tools->Install->SmartView within Hyperion / Oracle EPM Workspace now directs users to an external website hosted by Oracle.

At first, the user experience is somewhat friendly. There’s a large button on the page that clearly shows users where to click to download the latest version of SmartView. Unfortunately, after clicking this and then accepting the license terms, the user is presented with Oracle’s Single Sign On (SSO) page. Users who have not registered their account with Oracle Support, for example, will be unable to get past this screen and actually download SmartView.

Fortunately, we do have control over where clicking Tools->Install->SmartView sends our users!

Let’s run an EPM System Registry report in and see:

This setting is exposed to us during the initial configuration of, but we can change this setting at any time using the good ol’ epmsys_registry utility. Using this method, we can direct your users to a website under your own control that would not require an Oracle SSO login. This would also give your organization greater control over which version of SmartView is deployed.

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