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Enhance the Customer Experience with the Power of Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Apps

Author: Uma Mahesh | 4 min read | October 3, 2019

There are many benefits to using Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Apps. The result of these benefits can create a wonderful customer experience.

A happy customer can be the difference between profit and loss. Let’s begin by covering how Microsoft Dynamics AI Apps can help keep your customers happy:

Microsoft Dynamics 365 AI Apps Benefits Overview:

Capitalize on Information
Connects the information across your organization for a consolidated perspective on your clients, products, individuals and more.

Find Immediate Actionable Insights
AI Apps provide smart intelligence and turns data into insights and insights into action.

Be Prepared for What’s Next
Forecast customer needs, gain new opportunities, and easily grow your business.

Dynamics 365 AI Offers You 3 Types of Insights

1. Sales Insights
2. Customer Insights
3. Customer Service Insights

Sales Insights:

Sell and develop more deals with AI-driven experiences.

Sales Insights enables you to convey customized commitment and construct beneficial money-making connections. Sellers know the following best activity is guided by installed bits of knowledge in Dynamics 365 for Sales.

1. Predictive lead scoring: Grow lead conversions by discovering and organizing prospects by ranking the highest probability to convert to opportunity.

2. Predictive opportunity scoring: Get more sales success percentage by discovering and ranking opportunities with the highest possibility to purchase.

3. Relationship analytics: Concentrate on the correct clients by utilizing knowledge and key insights from Dynamics 365 CRM, Office 365 that uncover relationship wellbeing and hazards.

4. Who knows whom: Learn the associations of who you are communicating with, in a single view, to create a successful presentation dependent on Office 365 operations.

5. Talking points: Begin discussions and construct compatibility with friendly chat which is based on past communications.

6. Notes analysis: Grow seller best output with relevant prompts that recommend new records to create, such as activities and contacts, based on intelligence data gathered from notes entered.

Customer Insights:

Amalgamate your data from all the sources to get a single view of customers, streamline engagements, and utilize the insights that drive tailor-made 360 degrees of experiences.

1. Get a complete view of customers

Bring value-based, observational, and social information from well-known information sources by utilizing prebuilt connectors. Bring together your information by settling client personalities with proposals dependent on AI and ML (machine learning). Manufacture rich client profiles by fusing crowd insight from Microsoft Graph.

2. Find insights and make smart decisions for action items

Utilize machine learning templates to anticipate the best activity. Find and make a new group of spectator’s portions and enable your groups with client profiles and insights that are implanted into your business applications. Trigger work processes in light of client activities and flag by utilizing Microsoft Flow.

3. Easily extend the solution as per the client needs

Associate your client information with Microsoft Power BI to redo dashboards and reports. Fabricate custom applications with implanted bits of client knowledge by utilizing Microsoft PowerApps. Expand the arrangement with well-known Azure administrations and instruments and utilize your very own AI models.

Customer Service Insights:

Increase your customer satisfaction level with AI-driven insights.

Make an educated move to improve your client service experience by utilizing product insights. Measure execution over time across all channels, recognize areas for growth and improve efficiency with inventive AI capacities and features.

1. Improve customer satisfaction:

Drive customer dedication and loyalty by resolving rising issues before they become client dissatisfiers. Increase your comprehension of your consumer satisfaction score (CSAT) drivers and use AI insights to actualize information-driven upgrades.

2. Increment operational effectiveness

Streamline activities with case resolution insights, build-up trends and chronicled correlations with Sway. Screen case volume and approaching help to optimize your customer service work and get the best output from your team.

To learn more about how to get the most out of Dynamics 365 AI Apps, Contact Us Today.

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