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Cut IT Costs with Oracle EPM Cloud

Author: David Silverstrim | | December 4, 2019

Proponents of cloud software have a lot of strong arguments on their side. The most popular cloud computing benefits include scalability, flexible work arrangements, collaboration and sharing features, and business continuity, just to name a few.

Yet the most valuable impact of a cloud software migration could be the effects on your IT bottom line—the cost savings that it allows you to realize.

According to IT research and advisory firm Gartner, organizations see an average of 14 percent in cost savings by moving to the cloud.

Cloud migrations enable potential savings such as:

  • Reducing staff or reassigning employees to activities that generate more business value
  • Taking full advantage of elastic cloud services (i.e. scaling usage up or down and turning it on or off)
  • Lowering up-front expenditures on hardware and physical facilities
  • Replacing software licenses with cloud subscriptions
  • Spending less money on ongoing support and maintenance
  • Automating manual processes and workflows to free up more of employees’ time
  • Becoming more agile in response to changes in customer demands
  • Decreasing time to market while improving creativity and innovation

Meanwhile, an independent analysis by Nucleus Research reveals that cloud SaaS (software as a service) projects have a dramatically higher return on investment: 3.2 times the ROI of on-premises software.

Oracle is ending support for Hyperion on-premise by December 2020, leaving many Hyperion on-premise users wondering about their next steps. There’s never been a better time than now to investigate how you can cut IT costs by migrating to Oracle EPM Cloud.

But you don’t have to take our word for it—ask Datavail’s clients instead. We’ve helped customers migrate from their on-premise Oracle software to Oracle EPM Cloud, realizing substantial benefits to their productivity and IT expenses.

Our list of clients using Oracle EPM Cloud includes:

  • A health insurance solutions provider who no longer spends time on support and management of internal hardware.
  • A multi-billion dollar insurance company who saved money on software licenses, hardware, and support.
  • A global company that analyzes and measures petroleum products who reduced their financial close process from eight to three days.

Datavail has enabled our clients to achieve significant, lasting improvements to their efficiency and productivity with an Oracle EPM Cloud migration.

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