Cloud First: Oracle Makes Application Development More Agile

By | In Oracle, Oracle Applications | May 31st, 2017

Oracle recently announced an impressive set of enhancements to their cloud services as their battle with AWS heats up, and Datavail just released a white paper, Oracle Database Cloud Service Muscles-Up, that looks at these new features and how even small businesses can take advantage of Oracle’s cloud offerings.

With nearly 60% of organizations currently using or planning to implement some form of cloud, Oracle’s introduction of a series of agile cloud services is a well-timed move that may allow the company to seize the opportunity in the cloud. Oracle is aiming at having the biggest share of the pie, the cloud market dominated by Amazon.

Oracle has come up with a comprehensive solution, the Oracle Cloud, and has heavily invested in cloud computing, infrastructure, and its technical team. With its new cloud database service, in combination with its IaaS and SaaS, Oracle strongly believes it has what it takes to become the leading cloud service provider.

Oracle’s recent improvements include offering self-provisioning of new cloud services and the option of integrating cloud services with legacy systems. It has also come up with the most comprehensive approach to moving to the cloud, meant to encourage users to move their business-critical applications to the cloud with ease. This approach will enable businesses, especially the SMEs, to enjoy the benefits of high performance and low latency. Oracle Cloud also provides businesses with easy setup, great speeds, efficiency, reliability, and less overhead on resource management, which in turn translates into lower costs.

More businesses and organizations are realizing the great benefits they stand to gain with cloud computing. This has prompted most of them to implement some form of cloud presence, be it for their single project, test/development environments, or to run mission-critical applications 24×7. Cloud computing is already experiencing the ”second wave,” a great move by organizations already on the cloud, believed to bring better business outcomes, such as the ability to invest in innovation and gain topline revenue growth through strategic allocation of the IT budget.

Businesses are eager to adopt cloud strategies through sourcing and building of the IT services, with an expectation of achieving significant gains in business key performance indicators (KPIs), as well as through revenue growth, strategic IT budget allocation, IT costs, quicker provisioning, and the increased ability to meet SLAs.

Mature cloud adopters are enjoying great savings via cost reductions. These economic benefits and positive results from leveraged cloud adoption have enabled many organizations to achieve better business outcomes. It has also resulted in substantial sales of new products and services with significant gains of new customers and markets. The cloud has also enabled organizations to take their services up a notch with the Internet of Things, such as fast product and platform rollouts, faster development and running of platforms, and easy scale-up of platforms for new users.

According to IDC’s 2015 white paper, Don’t Get Left Behind: The Business Benefits of Achieving Greater Cloud Adoption:

“Cloud enables IT to develop and deploy business applications faster, which in turn enables   the business to reduce the costs associated with the new products and services dependent on those business applications.”

Why choose Oracle Cloud? Oracle provides a clear path to development, test, and scaling up of applications. Organizations stand great benefits such as improved agility, increased employee productivity, risk mitigation, infrastructure cost savings, and open-source benefits. To learn more about Oracle database cloud service please download Datavail’s white paper, Oracle Database Cloud Service Muscles-Up, or contact Datavail today. Datavail can provide your organization with database cloud consulting services and Oracle upgrade support.

Datavail is a specialized IT services company focused on Data Management with solutions in BI/DW, analytics, database administration, custom application development, and enterprise applications. We provide both professional and managed services delivered via our global delivery model, focused on Microsoft, Oracle and other leading technologies.

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