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Choosing the Right Partner for Your Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade

Author: Mahesh Vanapalli | | February 10, 2021

Oracle EBS 12.2 upgrades don’t need to be filled with frustration. When you have the right partner to help you along your path, you get to focus on taking advantage of this platform’s new capabilities. In this article, you’ll learn about the benefits that an upgrade provider offers and what you need to look for when choosing a partner.

Benefits of Working with an Oracle EBS 12.2 Upgrade Partner

An EBS partner brings many benefits to the table that reach all parts of your organization before, during, and after the upgrade.

Minimizes Downtime

Your partner has gone through many EBS 12.2 upgrades in a variety of business environments. They know the common pitfalls that can cause lengthy downtime, and they help you avoid them. You won’t disrupt daily business operations or run into unexpected outages that throw off schedules.

Prepares You Thoroughly for Upgrades

To hit the ground running with the latest Oracle EBS version, you need to prepare so everything works seamlessly once the system is back up. An upgrade partner walks you through every pre-check before the upgrade so everything is covered before the move.

Recommends Implementations that Work Best for Your Use Cases

Your partner’s experience with EBS 12.2 upgrades allows them to offer a plan that best fits your business needs. They can make recommendations that create a robust foundation for your organization’s future growth and requirements, as well as explain how you can get the most out of your investment.

Accesses a Deep Pool of Experts

Even if you have a large in-house IT team, you may not have specialists with an extensive background in upgrading Oracle EBS to 12.2. You can access this skill set through your partner without needing to go through an expensive and time-consuming recruitment process.

Keeps Costs Low by Doing It Right the First Time

Nothing drives up the cost of an upgrade more than having a failed deployment, configurations that don’t serve your business needs, a schedule overrun, or poor optimization. Your partner lets you avoid all these with a reliable and predictable deployment process.

Finding the Right Partner for Your EBS Upgrade

Now that you know what an EBS 12.2 upgrade partner can do for you, it’s time to search out the right one for your organization. Look for these key characteristics when you evaluate vendors:

  • Responsive: You don’t want to be kept waiting when you’re in the middle of the upgrade process. Make sure that your partner gets back to you within the expected time frame.
  • Willingness to learn about your company: Every business environment has unique quirks, infrastructures, and use cases. You want a partner that understands your organization and what you do, so they can better support your short- and long-term technology requirements.
  • Oracle EBS specialists and certifications: The staff offered by your partner should consist of IT professionals who specialize in Oracle solutions. You want to look for those with a background in working with EBS, as well as those holding Oracle certifications on an individual and organization-wide level.
  • Clients of the same size or industry: Partners with an in-depth understanding of the technology used for companies of similar size, and those in the same industry, make the upgrade process much more manageable.
  • Extensive experience in EBS deployments and upgrades: Your partner should have plenty of case studies showing their expertise in EBS and the results that they achieved for their clients.
  • End-to-end service options: In many cases, you need help with more than just the upgrade process itself. From planning the upgrade to making sure that everything functions properly, end-to-end services allow you to get help with the full life cycle. Ongoing support and maintenance are also essential to consider, especially if you have a lean in-house IT team responsible for your EBS deployment. Your partner can take over these tasks, so you have better in-house technical resource allocation.


A quality EBS 12.2 upgrade partner makes a world of difference during this process. Start your evaluation process by getting in touch with Datavail today. We’re a certified Oracle partner with highly experienced specialists ready to support you every step of the day.

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