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RPM “multiple packages” oddity, fixed

I deal with all shipes and sizes, and distributions, of Linux. Each Linux distribution has quirks. Particularly with package management.

Patrick Galbraith | October 31, 2011

Life made easier: Facebook’s Online Schema Change for MySQL

So often, you have a task where you need to perform an alteration of a huge table while not wanting to affect the operation of your website.

Patrick Galbraith | July 27, 2011

Using SQL to create SQL (and other usefulness)

Today, I had a task of modifying a slave to exclude (or if you want to say specifically include) tables.

Patrick Galbraith | February 11, 2011

Percona Server Goodies

I’m posting to describe some of the features and improvements that I have been utilizing with the Percona Server with XtraDB MySQL distribution, as well as Percona’s XtraBackup. If you don’t already know, Percona Server XtraDB is a backwards-compatible MySQL distribution with XtraDB, an enhanced version of InnoDB. It runs faster, has better performance and is easier to monitor and tune.

Patrick Galbraith | December 31, 2010

Debugging Stored procedures

Over the past several weeks, we’ve been working on debugging a stored procedure bug for a client. Coming from a software development background, I looked at the procedure like any piece of code — how can I debug the program and be able to use some means of knowing the values within the program while it’s running?

Patrick Galbraith | October 15, 2010