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What Your Organization Needs to Know About the Oracle Autonomous Health Framework

The Oracle Autonomous Health Framework provides system and database administrators with a powerful tool for keeping Oracle clusters and databases operating properly.

Chad Cleveland | December 11, 2019

Upgrade Your Grid Infrastructure to Oracle 19c

Oracle expert Chad Cleveland helps a customer upgrade its grid infrastructure to Oracle 19c.

Chad Cleveland | November 25, 2019
Man having fun with Oracle Standby Databases

FUN with Oracle Standby Databases!

Chad Cleveland shows readers how to migrate a 1.2TB database from an on-site data center to a hosted Colo facility.

Chad Cleveland | November 5, 2019

OEM Database Preferred Credentials

Credentials are an essential part of Oracle Enterprise Manager (OEM) security, database expert Chad Cleveland makes it simple in this latest blog post.

Chad Cleveland | July 23, 2019

Drop Everything and Patch Your Oracle Databases

You’re not going to be able to wait on patching your Oracle databases that are or and older. Find out why.

Chad Cleveland | April 10, 2019

Quick & Easy Setup of Transparent Data Encryption

Your 10-step guide to configuring Transparent Data Encryption (TDE) at the tablespace level with an Oracle database

Chad Cleveland | September 27, 2018

How Oracle NET Encryption Benefits Financial Institutions

Prevent financial data breaches by adding Oracle NET Encryption to your database security stack.

Chad Cleveland | September 21, 2018

Birthday Attack (Sweet 32) – Resolve TLS Vulnerabilities in your Oracle Database

Learn how to be proactive in resolving Oracle Database TLS vulnerabilities before they become a problem. Most know this as Birthday Attack (Sweet 32)

Chad Cleveland | May 16, 2018
oracle infrastructure upgrade

Oracle Grid Infrastructure Upgrade 12.1 to 12.2

Step-by-step instructions, including examples, for Oracle Grid Infrastructure 2 node cluster upgrade from 12.1 2 node RAC database to 12.2.

Chad Cleveland | June 27, 2017