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By | In Database Administration | March 14th, 2017

There has been tremendous advancement in database technology and supporting infrastructure. The traditional waterfall approach of developing application software has largely been replaced with an agile methodology that works with the end user in smaller and more manageable iterations.

A number of specialized firms are providing critical support in the area of database consultancy and hosting — with the ultimate objective of maintaining database availability and keeping businesses functioning. The developments, although dissimilar, have one thing in common — they came into existence in response to the need to have data available to the business 24×7.

Embedded throughout the application development, delivery, and support processes is database administration. The importance of this function cannot be overemphasized. In short, it’s the part that not only ensures continuous database availability but also enables the integration of the data to the applications.

Typically, only the largest businesses can afford to setup dedicated DBA teams or implement the above steps. Most smaller businesses use a skeletal staff of DBAs that are overworked and overstretched. For such organizations the DBA function can be a SPOF — Single Point of Failure.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

What happens when a DBA quits unexpectedly? Critical IT services quickly fail if database issues cause unscheduled downtime. In the event that a DBA is unavailable, even seemingly minor issues can quickly have a multiplier effect.

Needless to say, DBAs are hardworking and professionally committed, and a conscientious DBA will take steps to ensure a smooth handover of duties and responsibility at exit time. However, it is up to the management to ensure continuity of the database administration function.

One of the solutions may lie in adopting a business model that reduces the dependency on a single individual or individuals.  One way to do that is through utilizing the help of a managed services company. With managed services, there is a reduction of operational costs and an increase in the ability of the core IT team to focus on the business. Companies that provide database administration services bring a pool of specialized resources and knowledge that can complement existing efforts and provide a competitive edge in terms of technology adoption and use.

To learn more about how having DBA backup is becoming more and more important to your databases, please download Datavail’s recently released white paper, Single Point of Failure: Can You Afford to Lose Your DBA? or contact Datavail today. With more than 600 database administrators worldwide, Datavail is the largest database services provider in North America. As a reliable provider of 24×7 managed services for applications, BI/Analytics, and databases, Datavail can support your organization, regardless of the build you’ve selected.


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Scott Frock
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Scott is the Executive VP & Chief Operating Officer for Datavail, an IT leader in database administration as a managed service. Prior to joining Datavail, Scott was a founder in a start-up information technology company where he was responsible for the engineering and operations of a multi-tenant cloud that serviced enterprise applications. In his career, Scott has managed the build-out of multiple global data centers using VCE, CISCO UCS, VMware, and EMC technologies. As a management advisor to several CIOs, he has lead the development of enterprise business plans and technology strategies. He has experience in all facets of an IT services business from sales through operations. He has worked in outsourced ICT managed services for almost three decades and has experience in the government, communications, manufacturing and retail verticals.

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