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Study Finds 76% of Enterprises Experienced Improvement in Service Levels by Outsourcing Database Management

Improvement due to automation, simplification and the formalization of database activities led by outsource partners

Broomfield, Colo. — March 20, 2014— Research released today by Datavail underscores outsourcing as a viable solution for improving database availability and service levels (SLAs). As per the findings of Datavail-commissioned research conducted by Forrester Consulting, 76 percent of enterprises experienced improved SLAs by using outsourcing to meet some or all of their database management needs. According to Forrester Consulting, a global research and advisory firm, most enterprises strive to achieve improvement in service level performance and uptime, in addition to other important operating metrics in the database arena.

Human error, hardware and software issues, lack of automation, and perhaps most importantly, lack of operational reliability in the database area, create much stress on organizations as they attempt to deliver higher value and improved performance to the business.

“Databases today are becoming mission-critical and they have to be running 24/7,” said Noel Yuhanna, principal analyst, Forrester Research, Inc., in a video about the research findings. “Outsourcing database administration helps organizations proactively monitor SLAs, ensuring significant automation is done within these databases, and that databases are up and running all the time.”

According to Forrester Consulting, this improvement to service levels as a result of outsourcing is mainly due to the simplification and formalization of database operations delivered by outsourcing partners. By leveraging an outsourcer’s investment in people, process and technology, enterprises gain automated processes, proactively monitored databases and improvement in areas that minimize critical outages. The culmination is improvement in uptime and other service levels across a myriad of operating metrics.

“Database administration is often one of the last functions to take advantage of the benefits that an outsourcing partner can bring to an enterprise. But, given that the database team is often one of the smallest teams inside IT organizations when compared to other functions like system administration and application development, it is also one of the areas that can take most advantage of the strategy,” said Mark Perlstein, CEO, Datavail. “A pure-play database provider like Datavail has made database operations its primary business. Achieving 24×7 coverage is nearly impossible for a small team but it’s easy for us; and we can handle all those production support tasks that bog down internal DBA teams. This results in improved SLAs and a far more productive database operation in general.”

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To access the full study, visit: Outsourcing Database Administration Saves Money, Improves IT Productivity.

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