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Category: Oracle BI

The Business Purpose of BI Reporting

This new Datavail blog post discusses solutions for enterprises that want to break out of the reporting logjam and realize the benefits of BI.

Christian Screen | July 7, 2017
Knowledge transfer, KT

Art of BI: Knowledge Transfer – The What and How of It

The blog post gives you simple methods to knowledge transfer (KT) to clients once a project is complete.

Bill Anderson | June 29, 2017
book release

Art of BI: Datavail’s Christian Screen Co-authors Comprehensive Guide to OBIEE

A preview of the new book, “Oracle Business Intelligence Enterprise Edition (OBIEE) 12c — Second Edition” by Datavail’s Christian Screen.

John Kaufling | June 26, 2017
Oracle cloud analytics

Art of BI: What is Oracle Analytics Cloud and Why Should You Care?

Read on to learn about the release of Oracle Analytics Cloud, a service that includes Essbase Cloud, Business Intelligence Cloud, and more.

Christian Screen | June 8, 2017
oracle reporting mistakes

Art of BI: Top 8 Oracle Reporting Mistakes You Should Avoid

Overpopulating dashboards with reports and using unnecessary visuals are some of the mistakes you could be making while rolling out your BI solutions.

Bill Anderson | May 30, 2017
historical data visualization

Art of BI: Data Visualization Over the Years

This post looks at the origins and development of Data Visualization, the hottest job skill in the U.S. according to a new white paper published by Datavail.

Bill Anderson | May 22, 2017

Art of BI: Installing and Configuring OBIA — Do It Yourself or Hire It Out?

Should you install, configure and implement OBIA on your own or hire it out? This blog post looks at the pros and cons of the DIY approach.

Christian Screen | May 10, 2017

Art of BI: The Benefits of Good Data Visualization

This blog post explores the benefits of Data Visualization to enterprise management, including how DV is used, why it’s important, and best practices.

Bill Anderson | May 3, 2017

Art of BI: Upgrading OBIEE – Do It Yourself or Hire It Out?

Should you commit your internal resources to the OBIEE 12c upgrade or hire it out? A new blog post from Datavail discusses the pros and cons or each approach.

Christian Screen | April 26, 2017