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Category: Oracle BI

Art of BI: JavaScript – Find the Text Between Two Words

Using basic JavaScript and Regular Expressions I was looking for a way to parse any text string and capture only a segment of text within that string.

Datavail | August 6, 2009

Art of BI: FIX on Sparse, IF on Dense – BSO cubes still rock

I wanted to revisit a Hyperion Essbase adage that every Hyperion Essbase Administrator should know by heart – FIX on Sparse, IF on Dense.

Datavail | August 4, 2009

Art of BI: Hyperion 11 Lifecycle Management (LCM) in Action – Part 1

One of the smartest tools Oracle/Hyperion ever integrated into its product suite was the migration utility.

Datavail | August 2, 2009

Art of BI: Federation in OBIEE. What are you talking about?

Every software tool has its own language and nomenclature that comes along with it.

Datavail | July 28, 2009

Art of BI: Setting Up OBIEE Delivers/iBots to Send Alerts

One of the coolest functions of OBIEE is the bursting option called Delivers.

Datavail | July 27, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE Delivers/IBots – Custom link in an Email

By default hierarchy, drill-down links are removed when an OBIEE Delivers IBot notification is sent out via email.

Datavail | July 22, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE Logging Security Restrictions and Levels

OBIEE has a smart query logging system and it happens to be mainly based on security logging levels.

Datavail | July 21, 2009

Art of BI: Hyperion OpenLDAP and Shared Services Won’t Start – Error 1068

The Oracle/Hyperion EPM System 9x or 11x is crazy robust due to its suite offerings.

Datavail | July 21, 2009

Art of BI: OBIEE and Google Maps Integration Browser Warning

After the first post on Google Maps integration with OBIEE we found that things worked swimmingly with Firefox but a very annoying looking error message was being produced with Internet Explorer(IE).

Datavail | July 21, 2009