Elevate customer care with self-service technology

Customer-centered care with utility-wide benefit

  • 71% of consumers want to solve most customer service issues on their own
  • 73% say that valuing their time is the most important thing companies can do to provide good customer service
  • Self-service technology can save your customer’s time while it saves your utility money

Deep expertise in utility self-service solutions

  • A go-to resource for some of North America’s largest electric utilities
  • Proven expertise with e-billing, web portals, demand management, mobile-first applications and more
  • Former utility IT pros on staff
19 years of Microsoft experience and award winner

Navantis has been named Portals and Collaboration Partner of the Year and Microsoft Technology for Good Partner of the Year

Proficiency in the full suite of Microsoft tools

.NET, SharePoint, CRM, ERP and BizTalk. Navantis weaves technology together to seamlessly connect the back office and front office

Technology stack expert used in self-service applications

Extensive experience with web platforms and technologies. This includes multiple CMS platforms like SharePoint, Progress SiteFinity and Agility CMS

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Easy implementation, reliable support

Technology change can bring disruption, that’s why we’ve created methodologies to minimize impact on your business. Navantis brings:
  • Proven methodologies: We’ll come to the table with artifacts, best practices and utilities-specific design tools to mitigate risks.
  • Agile, incremental approach: We deliver applications in phases and validate them with users to maximize adoption.
  • Continuous improvement built in: We operate on a build-measure-learn-improve model. We’ll monitor user and system behaviour to inform enhancements.
  • Data management support: Data is the foundation for self-service applications. If you need help managing yours, Datavail, the parent company of Navantis, is the largest data management firm in North America.

Utility Resource Center

Download The Key to Elevating Customer Care: Human-Centered Self Service for Utilities to learn how other utilities have enhanced their customer engagement, raised satisfaction levels and saved money at the same time.

Find out more about why utilities need the customer insight and engagement journey maps delivery. In addition will also cover best practices in effectively charting and improving the customer journey.

This white paper explains why Distributed Energy Resources are making demand management a priority and how self-service options have helped utilities save money while bolstering customer ties.

A magazine article published in Electric Energy T&D covers why self-service is popular with customers, how utilities have put it to use and what kind of pay-off can be achieved.

Discovery clarifies the outcomes you want to achieve, the deliverables that will help you achieve them and the blueprint of what you’re building. Done right, discovery mitigates risk.

If you’re an electric utility, don’t you want people who understand the critical balance between the generation and load you must maintain … and what that means for your distribution system?