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The Key to Elevating Customer Care: Human-Centered Self-Service for Utilities

The Key to Elevating Customer Care: Self-Service for Utilities

Ninety percent of customers said they expect to have self-service options, according to one recent survey.

Can you deliver what customers want? If not, help yourself and help your customers by learning more about Navantis, a Datavail company.

Download The Key to Elevating Customer Care: Human-Centered Self-Service for Utilities to learn how other utilities have enhanced their customer engagement, raised satisfaction levels and saved money at the same time.

This Navantis overview includes mini-case studies where you’ll see:

  • How a muni serving 756,000 business and residential customers dropped call center volume by 65%
  • What moves helped a utility with 1.3 million customers save $10 million annually with customer self-service technology
  • Why analysts at Navigant Research expect U.S. utilities to invest 774 million annually on customer engagement solutions by 2022.

Utilities Self-Service

The utility industry landscape is changing with aging infrastructure, more distribution energy resources and renewables, more need for demand management and therefore, a need for stronger utility-customer ties. Done right, customer self-service applications can strengthen your customer relationships and help you navigate the industry changes ahead. Learn more.

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