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Author: Chuck Edwards
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Business Continuity Planning: Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

What can be done to protect against outages from major cloud providers?

Chuck Edwards | March 17, 2013

SOX is poorly implemented for IT operations

What’s worse: Not knowing you have a problem, or being told you don’t have a problem when you really do? What drives me crazy about SOX is the whole approach is flawed. Look up anything you can find on the history of SOX and you’ll read it was put in place to help prevent fraud, specifically, another MCI WorldCom or Enron-type scandal.

Chuck Edwards | March 8, 2011

A CEO’s Guide to Amazon Web Services

What is Amazon Web Services? Amazon Web Services (AWS) allows you to add and remove computing services on demand.  You pay for only what you use.  There are no contracts and no fees other than usage charges.  It works exactly like an electricity bill.  When you need more servers, you add them.  When you need […]

Chuck Edwards | April 30, 2010

Database security in the cloud

Here’s a great article on database security in the cloud published in eWeek by Slavik Markovich, founder of Sentrigo. The truth is, Slavik’s article has great advice for anyone considering hosting their application with any third-party provider.  When you don’t own the infrastructure, you lose some control no matter how the service is marketed. 

Chuck Edwards | April 29, 2010

Oracle Backup and Recovery

Oracle provides a library of fantastic tools for recovering data.  Depending on the situation and customer need, Blue Gecko has extensive experience using the right tool for the job.  Often less experienced DBAs will resort to recovery from backup to solve every problem, but because there are many different kinds of failures, Oracle has provided […]

Chuck Edwards | April 26, 2010

Working with Oracle Support

Let’s face it, dealing with Oracle Support can be a nightmare.  Oracle Support often responds in what feels like a put-them-off-so-they-won’t-bother-me fashion, which drags out even Severity 1 issues.  The sobering fact is, sometimes Oracle Support is necessary, and the keys to working with them are: Avoiding their involvement in first place Knowing how to […]

Chuck Edwards | April 22, 2010


When troubleshooting a performance problem, one of the first things to look for is, “what’s running?”  Poorly tuned (or untuned) SQL can result in a cascading effect of performance problems that can send admins running in different directions shooting at symptoms, rather than the root cause of problems. SQL tuning is both an art and […]

Chuck Edwards | April 22, 2010

Oracle Backups to S3

Backup your Oracle Database on Amazon S3. The Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module delivers Oracle RMAN integration with Amazon S3 using an SBT library specific to Amazon S3.  This means that once configured, Oracle backups can be transparently streamed to Amazon S3 using the same RMAN commands and programs – including Enterprise Manager – as […]

Chuck Edwards | April 21, 2010

Oracle Licensing on EC2

When it comes to licensing Oracle Databases on Amazon EC2, EC2 pricing does not include Oracle licensing fees, even when using an Oracle-supplied AMI.  Oracle customers must bring their own licenses to EC2 or purchase new licenses for the Amazon cloud. Processor Licensing Because EC2 does not have the notion of a processor socket, which […]

Chuck Edwards | April 21, 2010

Oracle Certification vs Oracle Support

At Collaborate this week, I received a lot of questions regarding support and certification for Oracle on Amazon Web Services. After unraveling a few of these questions, I realized that the difference between “certification” and “support” has become quite confused. I thought a quick explanation might help, because the difference is not really that subtle and definitely important.

Chuck Edwards | April 21, 2010

Emergency Database Repair

Repairing a database is often trickier than a restore or a recovery; the database may be functioning normally except for an isolated problem that prevents normal transaction processing.  Database repair activities may or may not require a database recovery or restore.  Often a single object or schema is damaged, or the underlying infrastructure is corrupt […]

Chuck Edwards | March 19, 2010

Emergency Database Recovery

Restore and recovery are the first steps to getting back on your feet in an unplanned outage.  But sometimes there is no place to restore backups because of hardware failure; sometimes backup integrity is questionable; sometimes the backups were performed improperly. Blue Gecko can quickly assess the possibility of restore and recovery in almost any […]

Chuck Edwards | March 19, 2010

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