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Oracle Backups to S3

Author: Chuck Edwards | | April 21, 2010

Backup your Oracle Database on Amazon S3. The Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module delivers Oracle RMAN integration with Amazon S3 using an SBT library specific to Amazon S3.  This means that once configured, Oracle backups can be transparently streamed to Amazon S3 using the same RMAN commands and programs – including Enterprise Manager – as any other backup media including disk and commercial tape or VTL solutions. The Cloud Backup module is a part of Oracle Secure Backup family, and customers must purchase the Oracle Secure Backup Cloud Module to license backups to S3.  Please see our Oracle backups to S3 licensing page for more details. Oracle’s Cloud backup to S3 functionality provides the following advantages over traditional tape-based offsite backups:

  • Continuous Accessibility: Backups stored in the Cloud are always accessible – much in the same way local disk backups are. As such, there is no need to call anyone, and no need to ship or load tapes before a restore can be performed. Administrators can initiate restore operations using their standard tools (Enterprise Manager, scripts, etc.) just as if the offsite backup was stored locally.  This can help make restores faster and reduce down time from days to hours/minutes in many cases.
  • Better Reliability: Storage Clouds are disk based and thus inherently more reliable than tapes. Additionally, the Cloud vendors typically keep multiple redundant copies of data for availability and scalability purposes.
  • Cost Savings: Lowers or eliminates upfront capital expenditures, as well as tape backup licensing and offsite storage costs.

Oracle Secure Backup Cloud module can be used to backup both in Cloud as well as on-premise databases, and S3 backups can be used with all supported versions of the database i.e. Oracle9i Release 2 or higher.

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