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Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Database for MySQL combines the familiarity of MySQL with a fully-managed cloud infrastructure.

What Is Azure Database for MySQL?

MySQL is one of the most popular databases for a reason, offering plenty of features that support a wide range of use cases. However, infrastructure management can eat up time developers could be using to create modern applications. Azure Database for MySQL empowers your organization with cloud databases offering up to 99.99 percent uptime.

The Benefits of Azure Database for MySQL

Azure Database for MySQL is a robust platform that works with MySQL community edition, an excellent option for a general-purpose database that developers can use to create innovative applications. The benefits of bringing MySQL to the Azure cloud platform includes:

AI-powered Performance Recommendations

Enhance your MySQL optimization efforts with this intelligence recommendation engine that’s built-in to Azure Database for MySQL.

Azure Services Integration

If you’re already invested in the Azure platform or plan to be, you can quickly bring in services such as Azure Kubernetes Service.

Large Database Support

Get up to 16 TB of storage and 20,000 IOPS for your most demanding workloads.

High Availability Features

Read replicas, same-zone and zone-redundant availability and other features deliver 99.99 percent uptime for your MySQL databases.

Make Better Use of Your Developers’ Time

Fully-managed MySQL that’s easy to provision and scale equips your developers with the resources they need to roll out new applications.

Get the most out of your MySQL databases with Datavail’s help. Fill out the form to get started with Azure Database for MySQL.

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Getting the Most out of a MySQL to Azure Database for MySQL Migration

Today’s roiling digital marketplace demands that the C-suite adapt to new processes or risk losing valuable market share. Microsoft has solved part of this dilemma through Azure Database for MySQL, which addresses executives’ migration, processing, computing, and security concerns.

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