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Cloud Adoption Industry Benchmark: Trends & Best Practices

Datavail White Paper

Adopting Cloud Technology: A Necessary Journey

Today’s enterprise leaders wrestle with countless questions about how or when to move their operations to the cloud, including but certainly not limited to:

  • Do the benefits outweigh the cost?
  • How can they maximize that resource and their existing IT infrastructure?
  • How do they choose which cloud solution is suitable for their enterprise?

No matter where you and your organization are on that journey, you may have the same questions and wonder how other organizations have grappled with the same concerns or challenges.

Adoption, Best Practices, and Trends in Cloud Computing

Datavail recently partnered with an independent third-party surveyor, to determine how CISOs are approaching these considerations. Their “cloud adoption industry benchmark survey” tallied the response of hundreds of companies, providing a wealth of insight into the cloud adoption landscape for organizations of all sizes. This paper summarizes the results and offers a big-picture view of which best cloud adoption practices capture the full value of the cloud computing investment.

In addition to the survey results you’ll learn more about the prominent cloud trends shaping the landscape. The maturity of today’s cloud services far surpasses that of even a few years ago, driven by both immense innovation and the push of everything digital to cloud-based resources. Consequently, tomorrow’s cloud services will build on those enhancements and offer new and existing users’ new opportunities:

  • Increased productivity justifies shifting CAPEX IT purchases to the OPEX column, which facilitates more computing flexibility for less cost.
  • Cloud resources optimize application design, development, testing, and deployment, which speeds their time to market and improves consumer and supply chain connections.
  • The rising popularity of Platforms as a Service (PaaS) demonstrates their value. PaaS options optimize workloads and performance metrics while reducing their costs.
  • Both artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) entice many cloud newcomers. On-premise legacy systems simply don’t have the resources to match or compete with these game-changing functionalities.

Datavail’s Cloud Migration Services Are Here to Help

Datavail’s cloud services professionals can help guide your cloud adoption project, whether you’re moving your entire enterprise to the cloud or developing a hybrid cloud/on-prem configuration. We will help you:

  • Assess your organization’s needs.
  • Review your applications’ architecture, front-end designs, security, and access configurations to ensure full functionality after the migration.
  • Integrate your applications with existing and new cloud-based databases and services.

Your cloud computing choices are almost limitless. Download the paper and learn more about our cloud services.

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