Center of Excellence

A Good Hyperion Center of Excellence Drives Consistency and Best Practices

Datavail can assist you in establishing a Hyperion Center of Excellence (CoE). The purpose of a CoE is to drive the successful deployment of best practices in support of the organization’s goals. A successful CoE will bring about uniformity, repeatability, and best practices to all areas of the organization. Datavail has substantial experience designing, developing, and supporting EPM powered solutions. In addition, Datavail has closely supported organizations in establishing their own Center of Excellence by providing the following services:

  • Support in the establishment and framework of the CoE
  • Provide guidance on CoE best practices
  • Populate the CoE document library with templates
  • Provide guidance on CoE roles and responsibilities
  • Support in estimation and planning activities
  • Provide experienced training to the CoE team resources
  • Support technical Hyperion architecture installation and configuration
  • Assistance in the establishment of everyday working practices

Contact Datavail today and find out how establishing a Hyperion CoE can enhance your financial management efforts.