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Database Administration

Top 10 Issues Facing Managers of DBAs

Managers of database administrators have a recurring problem: they need to hire experts to keep their systems running, only to see their high-priced talent maddeningly chained to pesky requests and problems that could be handled by less-expensive employees.

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10 Reasons You Need Half a DBA

If you don't require a full-time DBA or simply need fractional assistance, a part-time DBA might be for you. Here are 10 reasons you might want one.

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Energy Company

The client is a large energy infrastructure company and a member of the Fortune 500. It employs more than 5,000 people, and its services include natural gas processing, petroleum extraction, and electricity generation across the United States.

Image Processing Firm

As one of Datavail’s top five ecommerce MongoDB users in the world, this image-processing firm allows users to upload images from their phones or other devices and turn them into a wide variety of products such as calendars, business cards, books, slideshows, presentations and banners.

International Entertainment Provider

Datavail's client, a multinational entertainment provider delivering a wide variety of content including television, motion pictures and video on demand, understood that as they continued to grow their delivery became more complex and critical, and security had been a major focus of concern.

Medical Care Provider Network

A Medical Services Network with multiple integrated doctor’s offices, hospitals and pharmacies and one of the largest MonogDB users in the world was running six MongoDB environments including three sharded environments and three replica sets.

How to Choose AWS Storage

Consider your storage options will go a long way in determining the scalability, performance, and cost effectiveness of the application and cloud set-up.

MySQL Security

Using a largely open source RDMS, such as MySQL, provides its own certification challenges.

Creating Amazon RDS Instance - SQL Server

Learn how Microsoft SQL Server can be run in AWS in two different ways.

Shrinking Your Oracle EBS Storage Footprint with Delphix

To continue to get good performance out of your Oracle EBS deployment, you'll need to manage your data footprint with tools such as Delphix's Dynamic Data Platform.


Is it better to use a single TIMESTAMP column or two columns, one DATE and the other TIME? Craig Mullins advises in latest blog post.

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