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Watch BITeamwork™ in Action

Add collaboration and commentary to the decision making process.

Watch this short demonstration of BITeamwork to see how you can benefit from comments, annotations, and collaboration within Oracle BI.

Show Transcript

The Oracle Business Intelligence System of Dashboards and Analytics gives you data visualization and analysis capability. Now, you can add collaboration and commentary to the decision making process with Datavail's BITeamwork application. BITeamwork is a versatile plug in designed specifically for the collaboration needs of business users and administrators. It enables users to enter comments and annotations for business and financial data from multiple data sources. You can provide context to your reports by inserting comments including dashboard comments, cell comments, and in-line cell comments. BITeamwork's intuitive interface includes a collaborative tool bar for creating comments, up-voting or liking comments, and replying to comments, a splash page pop up for notifying all Oracle BI users at once about important system notices, more interaction like tagging individuals, and setting privacy options, and an advanced editor for adding bullet points, fonts, colors, links, images, and more. What BITeamwork does, it allows a bridge between either Hyperion planning or Essbase data or even any other type of storage data as its funnel through the Oracle BI portal. It allows those business analysts and other financial users to comment directly within the portal and provide their justifications or annotations on specific data points per their specific business units and control the commentary in such a way that you can then report on that commentary. Everything you need to start collaborating within OBIEE, OBIA, and Hyperion, is available to you now with BITeamwork for Oracle BI. Contact Datavail today to set up a demonstration.

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