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Collaborative Oracle Business Intelligence (OBIEE) Tool for Analytics

BITeamwork is a collaborative business intelligence (OBIEE) tool designed to help Oracle BI and Oracle Hyperion customers interact with data in a more organized and collective manner.

Gone are the days of exporting dashboard content to an Excel file to add comments, doomed to live isolated on a user’s desktop where it cannot be accessed by others on the team. BITeamwork makes data justifications and commentary accessible to everyone, allowing your organization to leverage multiple user’s input perspectives and other critical information at any point-in-time reference. Download the product overview here.

BITeamwork is great for:

  • Financial Reporting (MBRs and QBRs): Providing a central place for business analysts, FP&A, and other financial team members to data from Hyperion or other data sources inside of OBIEE in order to aggregate and disseminate rationale about financial data across different scenarios, business units, etc. in an organized and traceable manner.
  • BI Developers: Seamlessly integrating into the OBIEE presentation layer. No intrusion. No performance loss. No RPD work. Just Collaborative BI. Be the first to introduce it to your team.
  • IT: No need to develop a custom commenting solution in-house. BITeamwork is easy to maintain, configure, and makes you look good. It’s a small technical footprint with no extra overhead. No additional servers required and no new skillsets to learn.
  • Users: Get better, more engaged, and intuitive analytics. Reduce knowledge silos with a centralized feedback system through commentary. Gain recognition and reputation for your knowledge. And, finally tell the whole story about your data.
  • Partners: Team-up with the leader in Collaborative BI solutions. This is a win-win, as partnering is a differentiator for your group and a service value-add to your customers.

BITeamwork allows anyone on your team – from IT to the CEO – to use your company’s data to tell the story they want to tell. Features include:

  • Inline Cell Comments: Provide visible and editable comments for any pivot table or standard table report.
  • Annotation: Give notes and feedback on comments, solicit replies to comments, and more.
  • Secure Comments: Restrict comments to certain groups, users, or application roles.
  • Recognition and Reward: Users can vote on and “like” comments to help provide insight to the questions at hand.
  • CRM and Social Networking: Boost productivity and form a cohesive connection between the two enterprise investments.
  • Aggregate and Export: Use context sensitivity to summarize comments across business units, scenarios, and business functions, gain insight, and either export or consume for your existing MBR and QBR style of reporting.

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To learn more about BITeamwork, visit the official website.

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