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The Value of BI & Analytics

Christian Screen, Datavail’s Vice President and Practice Director – Oracle Analytics, covers the depth of Datavail’s Business Intelligence (BI) & Analytics practice, and the value of Oracle BI within a company’s data infrastructure.

Show Transcript

I would describe business intelligence as the tip of the spear for any enterprise organization looking for a competitive market advantage, insights into their organization, and really to understand how their organization is doing amongst their own key performance indicators. We want to be able to track how we've been doing in the past, compare that to how we're doing today, and understand any gaps or any measurable differences where we can take advantage to fine tune and really dial in performance. Hopefully some of those considerations are actionable. One of the key perspectives to keep in business intelligence and analytics is, being that analytics and business intelligence, it's a program, not a project. It's something that should never die in an organization. One of the things we're seeing in the market today is that our clients and customers that are out there on analytics software are being burdened by the ongoing support of their analytics applications, their data warehouses and the ancillary IT investments that surround analytics within the organization. That's a problem, because where the organization should be focusing on innovation and continually improving their analytics and their market advantage and competitive advantage, a lot of the individuals that support these IT investments, these analytical investments, are spending a lot of time just keeping the lights on. From an implementation perspective, what we're doing here in our analytics practice is we're helping organizations both see a strategic vision for their data warehouse and their business intelligence and analytics, but we also are capable of implementing specific software for our clients to help them basically leverage their software investments, but also to incorporate that software in the correct way using best practices. We see that as a challenge. We see that as something where our analytics practice at Datavail can assist those clients to insure and help make sure that they can focus on the innovation, and focus on getting their internal projects completed and delivered to their internal customers on time and with the quality that's deserved.

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