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The Business Case for Customer Self-Service

The Business Case for Customer Self-Service

Utility spend is growing throughout the U.S. and North America with a focus on customer engagement solutions by 2022.

Utility companies need to replace aging infrastructure, as well as the proliferation of distributed energy resources like rooftop solar, and it becomes increasingly crucial for utilities to find ways to shave expenses.

Customer self-service is one way to do it. On top of cost savings, such technology also is, counter-intuitively, a way to strengthen ties with customers. Find out more about why self-service is popular with customers and what the benefits are in a magazine article published by Electric Energy T&D.

Utilities Self-Service


The utility industry landscape is changing with aging infrastructure, more distribution energy resources and renewables, more need for demand management and therefore, a need for stronger utility-customer ties. Done right, customer self-service applications can strengthen your customer relationships and help you navigate the industry changes ahead. Learn more.

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