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Everything You Need to Know to Plan a Successful MySQL to Amazon Aurora Migration

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MySQL is an excellent database management system, but it has some gaps in functionality critical to today’s high-performance, high-scale workloads with on-premises deployment. Commercial databases fill in these gaps, but they do so at an astronomical cost compared to MySQL’s open-source technology.

Rather than moving to a completely different database, though, your organization can leverage the Amazon Aurora platform, which offers enterprise-grade capacities and access to cloud technology. Learn everything you need to know to plan a successful MySQL to Amazon Aurora migration that includes:

  • An overview of Amazon Aurora
  • The benefits of migrating MySQL databases to Amazon Aurora
  • Key questions to ask before starting a database migration
  • Assessing your organization’s cloud readiness
  • The costs incurred with Amazon Aurora
  • Other MySQL migration expenses to know
  • Selection of the best regions and availability zones for your company
  • MySQL to Amazon Aurora migration options
  • Best practices for Amazon Aurora migrations
  • Do you need to modernize your MySQL databases?
  • What are your database administrators (DBAs) responsible for post-migration?

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