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Don't Let Oracle High Availability Features Stop You From Migrating to PostgreSQL

Datavail White Paper

Oracle databases have been central to enterprise application evolution over the last few decades.

A wide range of mission-critical applications relies on this powerful database technology to support their operations and ensure availability. Without reliable access to business data, revenue and opportunities are lost, and companies may not be able to recover.

For example, an e-commerce site can’t complete a checkout process without being able to connect to a payment processing database. Most customers won’t wait around to see if the database comes back up later. They’re going to go to a competitor due to the poor customer experience.

Enterprise databases must have high availability, whether that’s 99.99 percent or 99.999 percent. Oracle meets this target through multiple solutions that minimize unexpected downtime and the potential for data loss. Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Data Guard, and Oracle GoldenGate Replication are three of the most common Oracle technologies used for this purpose.

However, Oracle isn’t the only database technology capable of offering enterprise-grade high availability. PostgreSQL is a popular alternative that is gaining a lot of attention among businesses of all sizes, particularly SMBs. This white paper covers why organizations are migrating from Oracle to PostgreSQL and the deployment architecture options for the migration process.

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