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Collaborative BI with BITeamwork™: Interview with Christian Screen

Christian Screen, Oracle Analytics Director at Datavail, discusses the benefits of collaborative BI with Datavail’s BITeamwork™

Show Transcript

Our organization has built a collaborative business intelligence and data justification tool called BITeamwork. It’s the first ever plugin for Oracle business intelligence. The way it works is it’s quite seamless to the Oracle business intelligence dashboards and reporting portal. It allows organizations and the users of the dashboard to justify data in such a way where they’re able to annotate or otherwise comment on data points within the existing dashboards. If you think about how historically month end close or quarterly closes happen in an organization there’s always an aspect where the finance department needs to justify variances and data, actuals versus budget, and so forth. Traditionally that’s been done in an Excel spreadsheet or by some other clumsy means.

What BITeamwork does, it allows a bridge between either Hyperion Planning or Essbase data or even any other type of storage data as it’s funneled through the Oracle BI portal. It allows those business analysts and other financial users to comment directly within the portal and provide their justifications or annotations on specific data points per their specific business units and control the commentary in such a way that you can then report on that commentary. You can even publish it out with your QVRs and your other type of board book reporting that goes out within an organization.

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