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Fast Food Chain Becomes More Efficient with Oracle 19C Database Upgrade

Datavail Case Study

Oracle Database is a powerful, time-tested solution for storing your mission-critical enterprise data.

Like the rest of your software and hardware, however, Oracle Database needs to be updated at regular intervals as part of good IT hygiene.

Promptly upgrading your Oracle Database deployment has multiple benefits. Not only does it give you access to the latest features and functionality, but it also ensures that you can keep receiving support from Oracle and third-party managed services partners.

In this case study, we’ll discuss one of Datavail’s clients that recently needed to upgrade its Oracle Database software from 12c to 19c. We’ll look at why the client decided to work with Datavail, how the project worked in practice, and what benefits the client has seen after the upgrade.

Download this paper to learn:

  • How the client was faced with numerous issues with their aging database infrastructure, and the importance to their business of upgrading their Oracle Database 12c.
  • The various Oracle Database releases and versions, and the difference between them regarding Premier Support and Extended Support.
  • The updated and enhanced capabilities of Oracle Database 19c and an overview of what they are.
  • The main reasons why the client needed to upgrade their Oracle Database, and why it is imperative to not wait to upgrade outdated and unsupported technology such as database software.
  • The benefits the client now enjoys from their Oracle Database upgrade, their experience working with Datavail to perform their upgrade, and the reasons why they selected us to help them with this critical initiative.


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